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Herbert the Syncsort Big Data mascot on a cup

Coffee Cups, Women in Tech, and Rampant Competence

2016 marks my nineteenth year in the field of data wrangling. Yee haw. (I’m from Texas. I can say that.) January also marks my first year, my first week in fact, at my new job at Syncsort. I flew up to the company headquarters in New Jersey and spent the first week of the year getting to know the new team and the new technology. Certain things jumped out at me as good signs. It started with a coffee cup.

David and Goliath

Pitching Stones with David

It’s a brand new year, and I’ve got a brand new job. As of today, you’re looking at the new Product Marketing Manager for Syncsort.

It’s true. After spending half a year doing a little freelance white paper work for the Bloor Group, and documenting for Hortonworks the most complex ETL process I’ve seen in nearly two decades in the business, I’ve found a new home to settle into. I got courted by some Goliaths in the data management software and hardware space, but in the end, I chose a tech savvy David, Syncsort.

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