To Schema on Read or to Schema on Write

Abusing Shakespeare and Celebrating Independence

This is just a general life update.

First off, I’ll be doing some guest blogging around the blogosphere, in addition to doing my best to keep up a steady stream of Hadoop, Big Data and mild snarkiness here. I’ll try and post a little blurb here to point the way, so you can find my words wherever they land.

My first guest blog post just went up over at Adaptive Systems Inc. In it, I misquote Shakespeare and compare the merits of a couple of different SQL in Hadoop technical strategies. To Schema On Read or to Schema On Write, That is the Hadoop Data Lake Question

To Schema on Read or to Schema on Write

It’s part one of a two-parter, so stay tuned for the gripping conclusion coming soon.

For the last few weeks, I have been pondering my own questions. Mainly, to move on to another company, and take a permanent position, or to launch my own thing, to become an independent analyst / consultant. The slightly overwhelming flood of independent work offers has made that a clear choice. Add to that, some really helpful advice from Ray Wang over at Constellation, and wonderful support from folks over at the Bloor Group, Dr. Robin Bloor, Mary Jo Nott, and especially Eric Kavanagh, and my decision is made.

As of today, I survive as a soldier of fortune. If you have a data management problem, if you need documentation, advice, technical papers or a public speaker, if no one else can help, and if you can find me, … maybe you can hire Paige Roberts.

I’m currently booked solid to October at least, possibly November. I’ve had to turn down some work, which is almost painful, but I do need to sleep at some point. I’m starting Monday on a project with Hortonworks which I’m particularly looking forward to. I’m always up for any job that adds to my overall store of practical knowledge about Hadoop implementations.

So, next week, back to your regularly scheduled posts comparing Hadoop data processing engines. In the meantime, have a great July 4th weekend!



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